Monday, July 14, 2008


So this weekend was a busy one, even though we technically didn't go anywhere of interest. I spent a lot of time Sat morning cleaning up the house, organizing all the wedding gifts and kitchen stuff, and doing laundry. I am amazed to find that I am not completely minding doing laundry for two - I thought I'd hate it even more now that I have to fold 8million pairs of socks, boxers, jeans, etc., but not so much.
Made coffee Sunday morning and promptly forgot about it until I got back from church, so I made iced coffee and sat out on the porch reading one of my 8million Martha Stewart magazines (as an effort to clean up for the hubs I'm attempting to get rid of my magazine collection, so I'm tearing out pages I want and discarding the mags...sorry Mar!).
Had a hankering for blueberry muffins last week, so went to Zern's (local flea market/farmer's market and apparent teenager hangout) and got a pint of blueberries, asked the girls from the Nest for recipes, and got home to find that I don't have a muffin tin. That's right. NO muffin tin. So I made an emergency run to BB&B Sunday night for my tin - HOPEFULLY I can get to those muffins today!

Dinner last week: I usually only have time to make one dinner a week, so here was last week's.
Fettuccine Alfredo - my first attempt at the actual homemade version. The recipe was simple and called for parm and half&half - I wasn't completely satisfied with the results, wanted something creamier and more substantial - it seemed like there was too much pasta and not enough sauce. But I got to use my new Emerilware!!! I heart cooking pans that work.
Dinner this week: who knows. Wednesday looks like a good day for cooking!

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