Wednesday, January 19, 2011

He Rolled!

So yesterday morning, we were giving the burrito a bath. He spit up all over, plus he was due (we bathe every other day right now). He's on the bathroom rug, awaiting the joy that is a warm bath in the morning, when lo and behold, he kicked his legs so far to the left that his tummy was now on the rug. Of course, his arm was stuck under him, and we were in somewhat of a hurry, so we didn't wait the appropriate amount of time to see If he would get it out on his own.

But no matter; the little guy rolled over. Back to belly. Stuck his little head up, started chatting to the cupboard. So cute. Next time hopefully we can get it on video, so everyone can marvel at our genius child, we can show his prom date and embarrass him, and the next child can wonder why there's no video of him/her and we get to explain how we're just too damn tired.

In other news, he has now reached the following milestones:

- he can grab things
- when sitting in his bouncy seat or swing, he'll try to lift himself toward his toys so that he may appropriately stick them in his mouth
- he held his own bottle for about ten seconds last night
- he chats with his bee bank and the penguins on the down blanket on our couch
- he has a "tickle spot" - but don't worry APers, I won't overtickle or do it without his permission ::insert slight snicker here::
- he has about the cutest laugh this side of the Mississippi

Benjamin is 17 weeks old

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