Monday, January 24, 2011

4 months!

4 months means:

♪ 15lbs, 5oz
♫ putting his pacifier back in when he drops it
♪ grabbing his colored plastic rings and shoving them in his mouth
♫ leaning forward from a propped sitting position
♪ chatting up everything that smiles at him, real or fake
♫ moving on up to rice cereal (after his cold dissipates, of course)
♪ recognizing his parents from across a room
♫ 3 shots, 1 oral vaccine, 1 dose of tylenol
♪ and a new-found ability to scream like a banshee after said shots

His dr's appt this morning (after one on Friday just to make sure we're doing everything right because someone's nose was COMPLETELY blocked at 11:30pm on Thursday night) was good, he's still pretty booger-y, but his cough is better. He wakes up with a bit of a dry cough, and is sniffly throughout the day, but it is much better than it was a couple days ago. He's happy though, which is always how we can tell if he's really not feeling well - he's just a miserable baby. Not crying, just fussing and not smiling. If we can get him to smile, all's right with the world.

This marks illness #2 for the burrito. Since his first illness was something different with slightly different beginning symptoms, even though his cough had not completely gone away in between illness #1 and #2, it's a different type of infection/virus. Still a baby cold though. His little (15lb) body is doing a great job of fighting it off, though.

The shots? Totally different story. He's watching the swinging Winnie the Pooh on the ceiling, smacking his lips from the tylenol and oral vaccine he just got, minding his own business when WHAM, someone sticks a needle in his chubby thigh. Eyes widen fast, takes in a breath and - - "WAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Total red face, tears, the works. Thankfully, it only lasts a couple seconds and the regular crying commences, the kind he can breathe through. Shiny new band-aids on, and up we go, to bounce around the room and look out the window, which completely stops the crying - wait, what is that? Snow? Cars? LIGHTS? Awesome.

I do have month pics, I promise! I just have to get my rear in gear and get them up on the webs. But I have to clean bottles first, because MAN are there a lot of them. Criminy.

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