Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I guess it's time for me to update!

Everything's been going well so far, I had my 10-yr high school reunion, which was awesome! I loved seeing the girls again, and two of them brought their babies so I got to ooh and aah over them. Of course, they were girls : ).

I had my big u/s on May 4th, in a very very tiny room with a big machine with the sonogram tech, hubs, myself, one of the drs at the practice (it was my first appt with him, I'll alternate from now on) and a resident or trainee or something or other. The tech did all the measuring first, moving the gel around and pointing out body parts (femur, heart...penis!) and we found out it's a boy. Hubs actually saw it first, because he's been staring at ultrasounds for longer than I have, haha. He was disappointed at first, but told me he had an underlying feeling all along that it was a boy. I have to say...I did too! Even though I like the idea of a girl, I welcome something different - I watched my little brother grow up, and it was great. I just constantly wonder what he'll look like!

I started to feel movement the weekend before the appt too, it was like a muscle twinge. It's been happening quite a lot, and sometimes it worries me, because I can't tell the difference between an actual muscle twinge around my abdomen and small fry moving yet. And the RLP is insane! It's not every time I sneeze, but certain times, it kills. It's not every time I cough, but occasionally it drives me nuts! I hate it!

So, that's about it for now! Oh, of course, I bought some more maternity clothes yesterday from gap.com, and what did I get in my inbox today? A 'mystery' coupon from Gap. You suck, timing.

My loot so far:
1 pair jean capris, full panel
2 pairs jeans, 1 full panel, 1 demi panel
1 pair capri khakis, full panel
1 pair black pants, demi panel
1 pair black pants, weird elastic changeable band with buttons
1 hot pink mat tee
2 mat work shirts
1 mat white button shirt, empire waist with a tie

What I ordered yesterday:
1 pair khakis, full panel
1 pair khakis, demi panel
4 camis (apparently, lol - can't believe I didn't catch that one!)
2 mat shirts
1 trench coat (whee, my first one!)

So, I think I'm about done now. I got a couple extra-long tanks at tarjay, and those under some cards will do just fine for some different work looks. Although, I do think I looked like a blueberry today. I still have a 'fat roll' above my 'baby roll,' so it just looks odd! And my belly button has stopped its coming-out party, adding to the 'just fat' look I'm rockin'. I'll have to get up the energy to PIP one of these days.

How far along? 20w3d

Total weight gain/loss: Holding steady around 178, so 1 lb up as of Monday.
Maternity clothes? (see list above, hehe)
Stretch marks? everywhere but my belly
Sleep: same, normal.
Best moment this week: seeing small fry on the big screen! I got a cute lil picture too, with a baby fist pump right in it.
Movement: muscle twinges, wierd ones
Food cravings: vanilla ice cream
Gender: team penis!
Labor Signs: N/A
Belly Button in or out? its journey has stalled.
What I miss: putting my socks on by bringing my knee/leg up
What I am looking forward to: feeling actual baby movements and not just twinges
Weekly Wisdom: veggies are your friends!
Milestones: finding out it's a boy, feeling the first movements

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