Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ho-hum, 2nd tri.

Is it usually this uneventful?

So far, I've been unable to distinguish between what is a small fry movement and what may be gas. I have had a couple times where it feels like he's trying to escape though, and it's all I can do to say out loud "stop trying to escape through my lady bits dude!" They might think I was deranged or something.

I haven't really had any other "symptoms" that are normal, except the lack of pooping on a regular basis, but I am a little frustrated with my lack of weight gain. I'm going to chalk this one up to being overweight prior to getting knocked up. I'll bring it up with the doc next week, though I'm thinking it will be fine - as long as I start gaining sometime soon, I should be ok. I guess it depends on what I'm measuring too, although last appt that was perfectly normal. And you can tell I'm pg by looking at me now (I hope) - unless, of course, you're just predisposed to my odd-shaped stomach, which looks like the side of a peanut shell now, with two bumps. Since my uterus is past my belly button now (thanks WTE) that should be evening out soon.

I am pretty much done buying mat clothes now, especially since my bell-y-a-whatever band is coming in handy nowadays. I just think I need a few more shirts, since my prior wardrobe was all fitted and shorter and small fry's all poking out and such. But I really dread buying all of those tent-looking things. ON sale, here I come ::holds breath for longer shirts::

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