Monday, April 12, 2010

So let's talk maternity clothes.

Mostly, because I need something to distract me from the registry feature not working at BRU right now.

I had two types of pants pre-AB, the regular pants and the fat pants. At about 13 weeks, I was solidly on the fat pants, of which I have...2 khaki-colored and 1 black. So, I was jonesing for more pants.

I ordered these little beauties from yap:

They have a demi panel, which basically means "big elastic waistband." Look Ma, no zipper! They are awesome, but at times I feel like they are elastic-ing the wrong part of my anatomy and have to move the band up or down depending on how close to lunch it is.

I also got, for comparison, this budget-friendly ON pair:

I think the elastic waist will be friendlier when I get bigger, but they are definitely more leg-fitting than the other pair, probably because the others were "modern." Sheesh, cuts.

I also got some shirts:

And that's about it. For the most part, I'm still in the regular clothes (and fat pants, lol). I did attempt to go to Motherhood this weekend, it's in a little row of shoppes by our local mall. Tried to open the door...wait, what time is it? Door's's ten-thirty...they open at ten...WTF??? My mom and I were like...did we miss savings time or something? We even went next door to Gymboree to ask them if something had happened that we didn't know about. I haven't been back since, so I don't know if they just had an emergency or whatever, but still....weird!

Oh, and while at Gymboree:

OMG, love this. love the whole collection along these lines. Granted, it's all for boys, but even if I'm having a girl, still good colors. Can I buy stuff yet? Please? *sigh*

The whole collection is just freaking awesome.

I'm not a fan of ruffles anyway, so I'd still dress a girl in jungle animals. I was in primary colors til the age of 3. I'm sure nobody cared, least of all me. As long as I got my E. T. cake, I was set.

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