Monday, December 17, 2012

New Mayan Calendar: I take over the world.

Day One: accomplished. (That would be day one of my new existence as a stay-at-home mom, or SAHM.) However, it wasn't a new routine since we're going on vacation this Friday - it's "let's try to ascertain what exactly we'll need for a week in Disney with three families and taking the train to Florida and getting a rental car." Soooo, my dreams of being a Pinterest-worthy SAHM are squashed, for now. I did fold one load of laundry so far. I also went to Old Navy and Tarjay. Super-mom! Lolz. Bright side? I think I have two Christmas presents left to purchase/make, and I am aiming for cookies sometime this week, which should be interesting. I also have a pinterest craft, but it may fall by the wayside in lieu of packing. Because, really, what do you pack for a totally different climate when it involves a train for part of the time? hmm. Kid survived, all is good.

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