Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ahhhh, cold.

Not the illness kind, the temperature kind. This morning it was about 60 degrees. It still is, actually. and I LOVE it!

The Burrito let us sleep in for a bit - 9am, big stuff for us. This was after his 7am wake-up and whine for milk. We got him bathed and dressed (in his "will work 4 milk" tshirt, naturally). Came downstairs while the daddy worked on a cover letter for future use - he wants to work in an ER someday, which is beyond me, but go him, because I could not fathom that! I help people by feeding them, lol.

I got the Burrito started with some puffs while I got the rest of his food together: yoBaby apple yogurt, a nutrigrain-type waffle with a hint of real maple syrup, and a perfectly ripe pear. I made myself some coffee, and of course showed the Burrito the way to make a perfect pot in our mini-coffeemaker as I am the only coffee-drinker in the household (it would stunt Leroy's growth). Some caramel creamer and it was ON LIKE FALL. It was so glorious. Opened the kitchen door to the sunroom, let the cold sweep in, sipped my hot coffee, ate my waffle and pear - because if I have something the Burrito does not another whine-fest ensues. I try to make us the same food to get us ALL used to a healthier diet. I know, waffles...but come on now. We can't all make homemade bread ::coughashletcough::.

Actually - english muffin bread is on my list of things to try this fall. I'll add some more of that list later, now it's time to go buy/prepare for the Supreme First Birthday Bash!

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