Monday, November 29, 2010

The All-Important First Day Back At Work.

or, the one where I watch the clock.

SOOOO, today was my first day back at work. Technically; is my first day, since I don't leave until 530. I aimed to get up at 630 this morning, but burrito had other plans, and woke me with some serious whining at 550 to eat. When he had eaten and spit up on himself, we went downstairs, where he took a lil catnap in his swing, and I proceeded to go about my day.

- fill bottles (found hole in one bag of milk, spilled all over frig and floor)
- eat breakfast (dog has to go out in middle of breakfast, honey nut mini-wheats are now soggy)
- get bpump items together (find that I cannot find the pump bag, have to use tote from charity walk 3 years ago)
- get dressed (sweater is too tight, change into gut-camo sweater)
- make sure I have all of burrito's paperwork (I did! I did!)

I aimed to leave the house at 745 - ended up really leaving at 805. Best-laid plans...and such. So, we get there, say good morning, director puts us in the computer so I can check him in, and head down to the infant room. The woman there is waaaaay too chipper for before 10am, but I guess you have to be around babies.

Drop the diaper bag, drop the bottles (with insanely detailed labels; 5.5oz, 5oz, 4.75oz, and 4oz bottles), fill out his am paperwork (last feeding, nap, diaper change), and unpack him, who by this time is fussing about being restrained for so long without moving. He has car seat issues.

When they asked if he was fussing for a reason, I said he's probably hungry, so they heated up one of the bottles for him - which he wouldn't take at that point, because everything else in the room was just too interesting, lol. You'd think he's never been outside my house before.

I said goodbye about 5 times, and then had to get my butt to work. I'm not sure if I can explain correctly, but I almost feel as if I'm just borrowing someone else's baby, and I'll either have to give him back or they'll come pick him up inevitably. Of course that's just right now, as two days ago I was marveling that I have a son and he's mine for the rest of our lives. It's such an odd thing. I'm not sure how people adjust to this.

One thing is certain: I miss him tons.

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