Friday, November 20, 2009

More stuff for my living room!

I have the picture of what I want to do with the west wall at home, so I'll upload that later.

In the is the north wall, again:

And here is what I'd like to do. I want to put two swing-arm plug-in wall lights on either side of the window. I want to stick with a base in the black family, as I think that's what will go best with the white window trim and the tan-ish wall color.

I have the following lamps (, love love love) picked as inspiration:

I'd also like to do a rug that's bigger than the brown one there, because my furniture is bigger now and needs a rug to match, and also because there's enough brown - I need some color. (clicky pic for more views!)

The blue one would be nice. I may head over to a flooring place to see if they have any remnants of nice light-colored rugs that they can edge or whatever you call it and I can have for less than $800, TYVM.

I'd also like some pillows to add color to the couch.

Mmm, corduroys.

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