Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Do it again and I'll stab you in the face with a sautering iron...

I heart Christopher Walken.

Anywho... today's post is going to be a plethora of garbled and jumbled stuff. Since I leave for my loverly Disney Cruise on Sunday, packing and preparing have been my life. Well... not really, since work has had to top that recently. But I'll get there! I even have a list of stuff to pack! (Excel, of course)
So today is Shepherd's Pie day at the Dirty Caf (yes, it's dirty... no, that's not its real name). I will be splurging on this, oh yes. I heart me some potatoes & meat in one dish.

Only bad thing about going on this cruise is that I miss the Olympic Taekwondo day. Granted, they wouldn't show it on TV most likely, but I could watch it on my new toy, Mr. Laptop. I was bugging hubs the other night to come downstairs and spend some time with me... and he walks in and starts yelling "you're on the laptop! it's not quality time when you're online!" So, guilty.

But I'm hella excited for the cruise food. And for beachage. I haven't been to a beach since last year. Although one site said to watch out for the jellyfish... so that completely freaked me out. Great, so I won't fall overboard, I'll just die from jellyfish attacks. Oh well at least I have my other new toy, Mr. Camera, to capture these moments. It's one of those nice ones, so now I can be a good food-blogger and capture my baking/cooking mishaps with spectacular digital imagery! I won't do that when I'm out in public though, I'm too much of a wuss for that.

List of things I'm looking forward to on the cruise:
giant exercise room
room service
the Pirate party

mmm... lunchtime... to be continued

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